About the App

  • For each letter there are memorable and child-friendly signal words with photos
  • halloABC shows the movement of the writing process, so it can easily be memorized and repeated.
  • All letters can be pronounced.
  • The writing is saved and displayed. This allows students (and teachers) to easily rate and improve their writing.
  • Depending on the accuracy of the writing, different smileys are shown as an incentive to keep going. Small errors are tolerated and the result is evaluated. Thus, immediate success experiences increase motivation and lead to fast and sustainable learning.
  • After single letters the writing of whole words can be practiced.
  • One learns to read by pronunciation of a word and the phoneticization of the individual letters.
  • With the combination of multimedia, lip recordings, and immediate error correction, halloABC goes far beyond the possibilities of a textbook on paper, enabling a playful, fast and sustainable alphabetization.
  • Students are not tied to a teacher and fixed lesson times, but learn whenever, wherever they want.
  • Initial problems of fine motor skills are avoided. The mastery of a letter and the fine motor skills of holding a pen are completely decoupled and practiced separately.

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